Portable Print and Digital Publicity

CC+C fits in where you need us most to share your good news stories with decision makers in your industry: We create professionally produced print and digital communication material published on strategically sound channels that ensures the business is seen in all the right places by all the right people at all the right times in all the right ways. Not only do we offer a fresh angle on newsworthy topics of interest to your target audience and take your story to them, CC+C works closely with experts in social media management who can establish and maintain relationships with your target audience, the media and other opinion leaders across a range of digital platforms.

Cross Copywriting + Creative

Have you ever pictured something in your head, but had no idea how to bring it to life? Have you ever known exactly what you wanted to say, but not known how to say it? Sometimes creating the look and feel you want your customers and clients to experience when they do business with you is more challenging than you expected. 

Cross Copywriting + Creative offers a full range of professional creative services. From strategy to implementation, we offer professional writing and blogging services, photographic services, graphic design and marketing, social media and PR strategies and implementation.

Cross Copywriting + Creative considers your company’s core values and overall marketing strategy when approaching any piece of creative communication. Whether you have a specific marketing message or a unique selling point to convey, we will produce beautifully designed content that aligns seamlessly with existing marketing collateral and your business and marketing objectives.

Cross Copywriting + Creative for business

In the crazy fast-paced world of marketing and communications, when it rains, it pours. Work comes in waves, and often you find yourself stretched to deliver. Cross Copywriting + Creative is perfectly suited to fill the gap. Our extensive experience means we don’t take long to bring up to speed on a project. We don’t take long to brief. We don't take long to deliver.

For this reason, many CC+C clients are professional PR, marketing and communications individuals or agencies who rely on us to step in when work overflows.

Our experience includes graphic design, brand design, marketing, PR and communication and a thorough understanding of the processes and requirements for delivering excellent, effective creative work. 

When you need someone to pick up a job and deliver well-written copy and stunning design that will meet your client’s expectations, look no further than Cross Copywriting + Creative.

Smart Content Creation

An effective online marketing strategy often requires the development and dissemination of interesting new content across a range of digital media channels. Cross Copywriting + Creative can optimise your existing website content, polishing the content that is already there and ensure it is doing the best job it can do for your business. We can also write your blog for you, research and write newsworthy pieces for your customers and followers, write wonderful e-mail newsletter copy and publicity pieces. Trust CC+C to take the stress out of developing interesting website copy and topical articles for your website and blog.