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“In Australia PMBs are specified in line with AGPT/T190 with the main properties being viscosity at 165°C, softening point and torsional recovery.”

This is just one sentence from a 15-page paper I had the pleasure of proofreading over the weekend. Although previously I may not have understood viscosity or torsional recovery as well as I do now, I do understand English grammar. Fortunately, the principles of editing content to ensure it is grammatically correct and relatively easily read are [thankfully] the same regardless of the subject matter. 

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Very technical papers with a high content of academic information should be readable too. However, the longer you sit with a paper, the more times you read it, the less likely you are to spot grammatical inconsistencies.

The good news is that if you’re a scientist, an expert in your field or even an Academic,  you can use all your considerable brain power to find a clean source of renewable energy or reverse climate change while I proofread your papers and make sure that when the right people them, they do so with relative ease. 

Get in touch today if you need help ensuring your scientific, technical or academic paper is readable and grammatically correct.