Outsourced Corporate Communications

CC+C specialises in communication in the construction and infrastructure sector. We make it simple for businesses to communicate effectively both internally and externally by providing them with professional, polished communication material that they can use across their chosen channels, and by guiding them in which channels to use. We will keep our fingers on the pulse of the sector and tailor our content bundles to the market. 

Internal communication should be tailored to people working within the organisation or business, including employees, contractors, subcontractors, apprentices and students gaining work experience through a variety of internal channels. 

 Over and above the usual toolbox talks and e-mails, companies could consider an internal newsletter, interesting stories on the company intranet, social media and notice boards. Communication fosters idea sharing and innovation, helps build confidence and strengthens teams. 

Internal communication is so important in fact that when it comes to communication around Work Health and Safety it is actually a legal requirement to establish formal consultation and communication mechanisms. 

External communication is important in maintaining support from local government authorities, local press, public opinion and community organisations. 

It is vitally important, for example, to inform the local community about community benefits and environmental impacts of construction projects. It is important to communicate positively and proactively with press and media. 

External communication should be tailored to stakeholders and interest groups in the community and industry through a variety of channels including field days, expos, trade shows, conferences, awards ceremonies and publications.  

Communication is also important in the awarding of tenders. Over and above the obvious need for well written, confirming bids, major construction projects include community engagement as an important criterion in tender phase.

CC+C can help with it all.