Have you ever known exactly what you wanted to say, but not know how to say it? Sometimes writing down the message you want your customers and clients to receive proves more challenging than you expected. Often, in fact, the most excellent business people don’t know how to get their message across effectively.

I can help. Each piece of copy is written in the language of your business. CC+C works across all media, adapting writing styles for the media and the audience. We write interesting and engaging online copy for real people, always keeping search engines in mind. From print advertising to online marketing; from technical writing and editing to case studies and research reports, I produce quality work at an affordable price.

CC+C considers your company’s core values and overall marketing strategy when approaching any piece of copy. Whether you have a specific marketing message or a unique selling point to convey, we will produce content that aligns seamlessly with existing marketing collateral and your business and marketing objectives.

Case Study: GPS100 - Centenary Celebrations of The GPS Association of Queensland

2018 marked 100 years since the formation of The Great Public Schools' Association of Queensland, the body that controls the sporting program of nine public schools in the state. CC+C was briefed to assist the association in developing the marketing material needed to support its centenary celebrations. This included content for a centenary micro-site, a video script and words for speeches, posters and invitations. The result was emotive, inspirational, poetic and nostalgic.

GPS2018 - GPS Centenary Flag Certificate.jpg
GPS2118 - GPS 100 Year Strong Poem Certificate.jpg