Are you looking for an internal and external communications specialist to help you grow your business?


Cross Copywriting + Creative can help. 

We provide businesses like yours an outsourced strategic internal and external communications department on a project by project basis. We complement existing marketing teams or fulfil the role as and when needed when there isn’t one. 

CC+C offers outsourced graphic design, photography and content development to businesses in the infrastructure and development sector. We work alongside their communications team offering support when there is an overflow of work, or on detailed projects that require the development of specific communication collateral like case studies, time-lapse videos, progress shoots or industry award entries. We also offer bid writing and are often called in on an ad-hoc basis to work on important bids. 

We’d love the opportunity to meet with you and your business development team to take you through our portfolio of work and discuss how we could assist you in securing your next project.  

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