Why the Infrastructure Sector should strive for excellence in communication

There’s a lot happening in the infrastructure space in Australia at the moment, with government investing heavily in the sector. While the expertise and skills associated in this investment are first and foremost in the delivery of the major projects and associated works, the need for service providers in the communication field is more important than ever. 

Communication helps build and maintain relationships and establish trust.

Decisions on principals, partners, suppliers and sub-contractors are based on relationships and trust. Right now, businesses hoping to profit from the investment in infrastructure should identify ways they can communicate internally and externally through media and channels which suit their business.

But communication isn’t only important in gaining new business, it’s crucial to delivery too. A common characteristic among projects delivered on or ahead of time, at or under budget and with an exceptional safety records is clear, concise and transparent communication, with all stakeholders, for the duration of the project.

A Harvard Business Review article showed that communication was the number one predictor for success on projects. The research identified three aspects of communication that affect team performance. The first is energy, which they measured by the number and the nature of exchanges among team members. The second is engagement, the distribution of energy or exchanges among team members, and the third is exploration, which they explained as outward oriented communication.

Simply put, the study proved that internally directed communication with staff is critical to success. Making sure all stakeholders are on the same page is hugely important and letting the industry know what you’re doing is vital. 

If you know you have all the skills you need to deliver in infrastructure sector but aren’t as sure how to make sure your business is seen by decision makers, Cross Copywriting + Creative can help.  

CC+C is a collaborative communication consultancy with an interest in the construction and infrastructure sector. We produce relevant, interesting, usable content for the construction and infrastructure sector. We offer businesses access to outsourced professional production of communication material when they don’t have the capabilities in-house or have an overflow of work for a short time. 

Our crew includes photographers, videographers, graphic designers and writers; all of them at the top of their respective fields. Our team of creative professionals are just that: Professional and Creative. We’re also experienced, strategic, committed, reliable and, we like to think, a pleasure to work with. 

We can help you create anything you need for your business, from an attractive, easy to navigate website to professional staff profiles that can be used anywhere from Linked-In to your next tender submission. We write submissions for industry awards and produce time-lapse videos of large projects. We produce brochures and case studies, capability statements and newsletters- the words, the pictures and the final product. 

Just think of us as your own communication department.