Touchpoints create experiences every time a client, stakeholder or customer “touch’’ any part of your product, service, brand or organisation. There are multiple touchpoints across multiple channels and various points in time and every touchpoint reflects the character of your business, yourself and your employees. 

It’s critical therefor to ensure a professional, consistent experience at every point at which your clients, partners or customers interact with your business. Whatever communication collateral you need for your business, CC+C can certainly help.

Our crew includes photographers, videographers, graphic designers and writers; all of them at the top of their respective fields. Our team of creative professionals are just that: Professional and Creative. We’re also experienced, strategic, committed, reliable and, we like to think, a pleasure to work with. 

We can help you create anything you need for your business, from an attractive, easy to navigate website to professional staff profiles that can be used anywhere from Linked-In to your next tender submission. We write submissions for industry awards and produce time-lapse videos of large projects. We produce brochures and annual reports - the words, the pictures and the final product.